About me



I’m Toranj, a wedding, portrait and lifestyle photographer based in Los Angeles. 


I get excited about dressing up, new adventures, being super organized in my own way, sunshine, and coffee .......... And photography is giving me all of these.


To me, a perfect photo tells a story through the sparkle of eyes, gesture of hands and whisper of lips, stories that will be remembered and adored years later.


My goal is to help my clients to relax, enjoy their moment and let me capture their stories.


I enjoy every second I spend with my clients and making them laugh, helping them pose and feeling their happiness.



I can’t wait to have a new adventure with you, so…drop me a line and let’s see how we can create some magic.



PS. The guy in the picture below is Sam, my number one supporter in everything I do and my handsome man. He is a brilliant photographer and we do most of our shoots together and yes he has taken all the photos of me.


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